The key to our success is the quality of relationships we have built with clients over the years and the continued trust and confidence they have instilled in our team.


 We have been working with James Carney & his team since 2012.Over this period of time, we have come to know James and have built trust in him as our financial consultant. He initially spent considerable time meeting with us to establish our financial status at the time and our goals going forward. He has since met with us many times, always being punctual and very well prepared for each meeting. He has outlined different options for us, with their respective benefits, and helped us forge decisions on which options to pursue. He has been pleasant to deal with and always very patient, allowing us to express our concerns and preferences. In these regards, we consider James Carney a much more effective, active and engaged financial consultant than the two advisors we worked with before. The guidance that James has been providing us goes beyond just investment planning, but also includes providing insight into how we should plan towards retirement in the near future, and what will be our resources after retirement. His explanations and clarifications, as well as the financial projections he provided us, helped us gain confidence and a level of comfort with regard to our financial security after retirement. We very much appreciate the fact that James has been in touch with us regularly and rather frequently, providing regular updates and, when needed, suggestions how to modify or adjust the portfolio. This has given us confidence that our investments are truly being overseen with the intent to optimize them to best satisfy our defined financial goals. In summary, we have been very satisfied and pleased entrusting our investments to James. He takes the time to listen to us, clearly explains different options and provides guidance how best to meet our investment goals. He is knowledgeable, very professional and current. We have recommended him to friends and colleagues. 

Dr. Shimon F. & Dr. Thuan D.

 Darlene Espejo has been our advisor for almost two decades. We signed up with Darlene when she was a new advisor just starting out in the field. What struck us most about Darlene was her genuine, caring and uber-professional attitude. Her planning and sound recommendations has resulted in a strong and well-diversified portfolio for us. Her attention and tweaking of the details over the years is what has kept our business with her. We have absolute confidence in her recommendations and it is not uncommon to receive a call proactively from her to inform us of recommended investment changes to strengthen our financial position. Darlene truly cares about her clients. Darlene cares about our families. Darlene cares about our future. It is a rarity to find this combination of tremendous knowledge and know-how coupled with a keen desire to understand a client’s goals and dreams. Darlene never rushes and always delivers. Darlene makes you feel like you are her “only client”. We know that when you decide to have Darlene and her team on your side…you’ll never look back! 

Geraldine & Tony A.


 Andy Lyster was recommended to us by longtime friends. He’s been our financial consultant since 2013. Andy deals with our finances as well as our retirement plans. We feel he’s very knowledgeable and extremely patient at sitting down with us to explain our best strategies and options with our investments as well as our retirement planning. We would highly recommend anyone to have Andy deal with their future financial planning. 

Pete and Henny J.

 James has been our financial consultant for the past 7 years. He has been instrumental in coordinating our insurance needs, tax strategies and our investment and estate planning for our personal and corporate needs. He maintains a professional approach in helping us balance our retirement planning while understanding the need to maintain our quality of life. He’s been extremely accessible by phone, email and meets with us regularly throughout the year in response to changes in circumstances and to ensure our goals are on track. Having worked with a previous financial consultant we recognize and appreciate the expertise that James brings to our financial picture. 

Dr. Mariusz B. & Ms. Terri M.


 We have used various wealth managers over the years for our portfolio, and for a long time I preferred to use at least two in order to compare results, About five years ago, however, we consolidated our entire holdings through Andy Lyster because of (1) his quality of advice, and (2) his responsiveness to our requests. In addition, Andy has been proactive in introducing other experts for estate planning that have proven very helpful. We have no hesitation to recommending Andy to anyone concerned about preserving and growing their capital. 

Lynn & Jonathan B.


 My family and I have had the good fortune of working with Darlene for close to 10 years. I can speak for all of us when I say that Darlene is one of the most knowledgeable and professional financial planners we have worked with. Combine this with her warm genuine personality and meetings with Darlene become calendar entries we look forward to. Darlene keeps in regular contact with us all and promptly follows up on any outstanding areas. We highly recommend Darlene Espejo and her team. 

Lesley P.

 My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with James Carney since 2008. During this time, James has been our financial consultant and planner. James has always demonstrated a deep commitment to us. His interactions with us are honest and professional, always searching for a collaborative solution to any challenge. James recognizes the importance of taking a proactive approach by always keeping the lines of communication open and updating us on current financial issues. James has also taken the time to get to know us as a family. In doing so, we feel a great deal of confidence in his abilities and worth as a financial advisor, but more importantly as a person. James meets with us regularly throughout the year. He provides a level of attention that has increased with each year that we have known him. He ensures that the plan he puts forth meets our goals and lifestyle. We truly enjoy working with James. He is a quality person whose actions speak with integrity and understanding. We wish him all the success he so richly deserves. 

Adriano & Tania B.

 Darlene Espejo has been our trusted financial consultant for over 15 years and has guided our financial planning and goal setting throughout various key milestones in our lives. She is extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and solutions based which we’ve valued greatly in guiding us through complicated investment solutions in a straight forward and simple way to match our changing goals and priorities. Her customer service is second to none as she’s balanced keeping us on track with our financial objectives while respecting our conflicting priorities and busy lifestyle. Darlene has been a tremendous partner and trusted friend that we have highly recommended to family and friends over the years. 

Dan M. & Maria D.

 The key difference is James’ ability to speak to us in a language that we can understand after actively listening and truly understanding our financial goals and priorities. When we meet with James he speaks with us as individuals and communicates to address our personal needs. No question is insignificant and there is no intimidation. All action items are promptly addressed. Mr. Carney has gone well beyond our expectations, by sourcing his network to provide information and contacts on tax experts, legal matters, mortgage options and any other matter that impacts our families’ estate. James has struck the perfect balance of frequency and regular updates. We know we can call him at any time and, when we meet, he is fully prepared for the meeting. If there is any follow-up it is done promptly by either James himself or his support team. The interaction we have had with James Carney has allowed us to have a level of trust we never experienced before, giving us a peace of mind in these turbulent times. 

Katharine & Greg B.

 We have been clients for 40+ years and Andy has been our consultant since 2002. He and his staff have always been available and helpful with our questions. We have accessed many planning services from education savings for kids to preparation for retirement. When unforeseen financial events arose, we were confident that Andy would provide good advice and help us navigate new territory. We are pleased with our long term plans and goals developed with Andy’s professional assistance. 

Ted & Nancy L.

 As a practising physician, I am periodically invited to attend a presentation from a financial planner. I usually come out of such sessions unimpressed. When I attended James’ presentation, I heard things that were new to me and different. I agreed to a meeting and was very pleasantly surprised at his depth and breadth of knowledge and a number of helpful suggestions. He is also an excellent communicator – I am a physician, not a financial expert and thus need explanations of financial issues; his explanations are detailed and easy to understand. James works harmoniously with my accountant and best of all, in the latest period of downturn and market volatility, my portfolio, under James’ guidance, still made me feel confident in my plan. He is always available and helpful when needed; I am very pleased with James’ service. 

Dr. Erhard B.

 Darlene has been successfully guiding our finances for over 15 years. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of investments and always presents us with different options for any investment opportunity. After understanding our requirements, Darlene put together a concise retirement plan that we have worked towards and are close now to achieving. She checks in regularly to keep up with any changes in our needs and to provide an updated financial plan. We are extremely happy with the service Darlene has provided and have recommended her to other family members who are now working with her as well. 

Jacqueline & Chris D.

 My family and I have had the pleasure of working with James Carney for the past several years. He is very knowledgeable and personable and has a strong level of understanding about our financial goals and the security we require for our family needs. He works with a network of professionals which have also assisted us with our estate planning and business needs. James has always offered sound advice, meets with us regularly to review our portfolio and keeps us well informed of market changes. Working with James and his team has been a pleasure and we have every confidence in his abilities. 

RoseAnn & Sam A.

 James Carney has been my financial consultant for six years, and has consistently provided me with exemplary service. From our initial meetings I was impressed with his very personal approach, as he took great care to understand my short and long term financial goals, allowing him to develop a comprehensive investment strategy to meet those needs. James stands in contrast to previous financial planners I have worked with, in that he regularly touches base to keep abreast of developments in my life and ensure that our financial plan remains in alignment. He is assiduous to the point that one feels as if they might be his only client. Not only are him and his team, diligent and knowledgeable, but they are unfailingly reliable when dealing with time sensitive matters. Despite his certainly busy schedule, he has never failed me when I needed urgent deadlines met. Mr. Carney has a personable, easy going disposition, which belies the depth of his knowledge and the rigor of his analyses. He conducts himself with the utmost professionalism, and I remain impressed with the level of preparedness he brings to all our meetings. I feel the financial future of my family is sound due to his expertise, and I would recommend him without reservation. 

Dr. Paul G.

 Since 2008, we’ve had the pleasure of working with James Carney as our financial consultant. We are confident that James provides us with the best financial advice based on both our investment and personal objectives in planning for our retirement. We have worked with other financial advisors in the past and have not experienced the dedication and determination on a personal level as we have with James. He has met with us on a regular basis to discuss and update us on our financial portfolio as things changed and has provided us with sound advice throughout the years. James is a pleasure to work with, always available to talk and truly cares about our family and our future. 

Dianne & Frank T.

 Uncle James, as my daughter likes to call him, is part of our extended family! He has been doing a fantastic job helping us to manage our money and prepare us for the future over the last few years. We invite James to our house for our meetings due to our hectic schedules and he always obliges. The advice we receive from him is very personalized, tailored to our growing needs. James is a dependable, honest chap with our best interests in mind. He even liaises with my accountant to ensure that we are managed optimally. I would recommend his services to anybody in a heartbeat! Great work James! 

Dr. Karna K.

James has been an invaluable asset to our family. As a relatively new doctor, financial planning was a component of my education that was sorely lacking. James was able to assist with incorporation, tax planning, budgeting, investments and insurance options. We have put together a plan that continues through retirement. As a result, my family has a more stable and certain future. We meet regularly to update the plan and adjust to unexpected changes (most recently, our new home purchase). The value of these services cannot be underestimated as it extends well beyond simple investment advice. He cares about his clients and his decisions are always based on their best interests. I consider myself lucky to be a client! 

Dr. Paul H.

We look forward to helping you and your family achieve your financial goals.